French New Wave

Printed Matter
/ 2019
This is a brief editorial study of the epic cinematic movement: La Nouvelle Vague and some of its most known characters. The layouts were inspired on the movement itself and 60s french gazettes, taking a simple informative booklet and transforming it into an editorial experience. They inform and unfold the most relevant data on the movement and chosen personalities, making it an engaging experience. The theme was chosen because of what it represents in its political context and the aftermath it bared on cinema, politics, design and fashion. The project was produced for a class in a lapse of 3 weeks in which we had to make 4 editorial pieces: 3 booklets and a poster.
A notable breakthrough was that when experimenting with paper sizes, I noticed that the folded parts, which were intended to represent a new size, didn’t need to be trimmed but could be printed on; the result was the flap which holds the citations, headlines and inner quotes that give the project a new level of flexibility.